About me:

I'm a global change biologist, and I study the relationship between climate change, biodiversity loss, and emerging infectious diseases.

As an epidemiologist, I model the global distribution and burden of neglected tropical diseases including anthrax, Zika virus, and helminthiases. I also study what those distributions will look like when the world looks different, as a product of climate change, human movement, and social change.

As an ecologist, I study biological extinctions in two contexts: reconstructing the "how", "when", and "why" after a species is (maybe?) gone, and forecasting the "how soon" for a species that's headed towards extinction.

As a data scientist, I bring several years of experience with statistical modeling in R to the table, as well as a background that bridges mathematical ecology and practical, high-stakes research like current outbreak modeling.

As a collaborator, I believe in open reproducible science but more importantly I believe in collaborative science, done the right way for the right reasons.

I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow at Georgetown University in the lab of Shweta Bansal (Washington, DC).