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An R package for estimation of symbiont biodiversity, using power law scaling curves fit to host-affiliate bipartite networks. Because some things just go together.

(From Carlson, Zipfel, Garnier & Bansal 2019, forthcoming)


I’m currently working on developing an R package that centralizes functions for estimating range shifts from historical data, including resampling-based comparisons and customized regression tools. Please reach out if you’d like your method added.



A mostly-defunct, sort of zombified R package that interpolates extinction date estimators (like those in the sExtinct package) to provide spatially-continuous surfaces of extinction dates on historical landscapes. Although I don’t recommend using the method for a few more months, there’s still some useful tools in here, including the only R implementation of Solow and Beet (2014)’s Bayesian method for mixed-certainty data.